The Ultimate Bear Viewing Adventure in Canada with these two iconic carnivors - Grizzly Bears of the British Columbia Coast and Polar Bears on the shores of Hudson Bay in Northern Manitoba. The seasons to view these wonderful creatures overlap for only a brief time each year and we have combined two wonderful vacations into one!

Grizzly Bears - Toba Inlet is a deep fjord on the west coast of British Columbia. The inlet has many spectacular waterfalls, glacier fed rivers and the magnificent Coastal Mountains that rise as an imposing backdrop. Grizzly Bears have free reign in these isolated and lush river estuaries and can be found foraging along the river and rugged shoreline from late summer feasting on salmon. In the waters you can also find orcas, sea lions, seals, dolphins and ashore you may also spot black bears, deer, raccoons, mink and the ever present bald eagles. Tours are operated in partnership with the Klahoose First Nation, whose traditional territory encompasses the Toba Valley. Tours departing after breakfast at Homfray Lodge with a cruise to Toba Inlet. Upon arriving at the river, you will receive a warm and traditional welcome from the Klahoose guides. A short drive will transport you to the viewing areas where you can see the bears in their natural habitat

from both raised and open viewing platforms. The highlight of the tour will be the chance to view the grizzly bears feeding in the natural habitat along the river.

Polar Bears - Located on the western shore of Hudson Bay and not accessible by road lies the small northern seaport of Churchill, Manitoba. Travelling on a Tundra Buggy® is the most comfortable and safe way to experience polar bears in their natural environment. Although the viewing season in Churchill is October and November when the bears are migrating to the coast, the overlap with Grizzzly bears season restricts this program to 4 dates in October only. You will have excellent opportunities to see polar bears from a Tundra Buggy!

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